Products and Services for Biomass Heating Plants

Blue Flame Stoker

Biovalco is a provider of Blue Flame Stoker™, our proprietary combustion system engineered and manufactured in Canada.

Blue Flame Stoker has been sucessfully implemented in over 120 successful installations in North America. The system has a unique ability to combust a variety of solid fuels to generate hot water or steam, while maintaining low emissions and high efficiency.

The core technology is based on proven chain grate stoker design.

Consulting Services

 Biovalco’s team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience for you biomass heating project. We can offer:

  • Energy Consumption Analysis
  • Feasibility Study
  • Project Planning
  • Combustion Testing
  • Research & Development

Engineering Services

 Biovalco’s main team consist of professional engineers who are experts in biomass heating system and network. They can fully engineer and customize the systems to your specific needs. We provide specifications, diagrams, plans and drawings for:

  • Biomass boilers & furnaces
  • Biomass storage
  • Reclaiming system
  • Hot water and Steam distribution Network
  • Instrumentation and Heat Metering


Depending on project location, we have teams of workers that can be dispatched to do field installation. Please contact us for more information regarding installation services.